Rosé Write Along 

I invite you to join me each week as I broadcast my weekly Rosé Write Along where we grab our favorite pen, journal and beverage and explore the power of writing. 

Join Here each Tuesday at 6 pm PST.  The password is Rosé


Weekly Writing Groups 

 Start writing your story. 

Start writing your story. 

Remember when you wrote in your diary? Mine had a little golden lock and key that came with it, so I could keep my secrets safe. I never outgrew the desire to write down my secrets, dreams, wishes and stories - maybe you didn't either. Or maybe you did, and now you wish you had a safe way to work through your thoughts and emotions. Or you write in secret but have a story you might want to share. 

If you would like to explore the power of the pen to uncover the wisdom you already hold inside of you, then join us! Our group will be a safe, nonjudgmental place to explore what a regular writing practice can do for you. From simply getting your thoughts out and on paper, to exploring poetry, to writing a memoir, this is the perfect place to begin! 

Sign up here to notified when my Fall/Winter schedule is published or go to to sign up for a group! 

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